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Method acting: Taking the art to a whole new level

February 13, 2013
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Acting, by definition, is the art or practice of representing a character on stage or in front of the camera. Actors like me usually take our thoughts and feelings out of the equation, and assume the role of the character we play. Method acting takes this art form to a whole new level.

Method acting is a technique wherein actors, instead of taking themselves out of the equation, take into themselves the thoughts and emotions of the characters to make their performances even more believable. They don’t just assume the role of the character, they become the character.

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I have been reading up and practicing method acting, and I must say, it’s a very difficult technique to master. You don’t just play a role; you live and breathe as the character. Many Hollywood actors who wanted to take their performances to the next level use method acting. These include Al Pacino, who actually drove a taxi cab for weeks in preparation for his role as a dysfunctional NYC cab driver in the movie Taxi Driver (1976), which was nominated for four Academy Awards; Jim Carrey who, in preparation for his role as prankster Andy Kauffman in Man on the Moon (1999), was in character even outside shooting, annoying friends and co-workers alike (his persistence paid off because he won a Golden Globe for his performance); and more recently, Shia LaBeouf, who, according to online articles I read, had actual sex with his co-star on camera for his upcoming film entitled Nymphomaniac (2013).

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I find method acting to be a great tool to perfect my craft. However, it requires strict discipline and dedication. I’m not worried – I have my game face on.

I am Louis P. Habash, and acting is my life. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter!


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