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Encouraging young people to get into theater

March 14, 2013


As an actor, it should come as no surprise that I am all for encouraging young blood to get into the craft that I’ve loved for so many years. Still, in spite of the enthusiasm that young people show during their teenage years, it seems that not many of them do make it in the industry. For one reason or another, I’ve seen many young people give up on their desire to get into theater.



One reason that I fear is among the most dominant is the feeling that their time is better spent on more practical endeavors. It truly is hard to measure the work that people do in performance arts. One can expect a life of countless hours of rehearsals or promotions and a lot of stress leading up to the show’s date, some down times, and a repeat of everything when a new project comes again. A lot of the work done in theater may not seem useful for other types of career, but I can assure people that it is always an enriching experience.


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Another thing that I’ve noticed is that some young people feel like a life in the spotlight may not be right for them. That may be the case, but they often overlook that there are other careers in theater that may need their unique skill set. As with any other line of work, what is most important here is being passionate and dedicated to one’s work.



If you happen to find young people who are curious about pursuing a career in this industry, you can direct them to sites like

Louis P. Habash is a veteran stage actor with over two decades of experience. His Twitter page is regularly updated with links to resources on working in theater.


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