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Stage acting: Some tips for you

June 30, 2014

Stage acting requires more than just memorizing and repeating lines. It is a mix of voice control, body movement, and finding the correct lighting. Being an actor, I often find it hard to think about all these things while delivering my lines perfectly. But these are second nature to me now, and it will be, too, for all you aspiring actors. The important thing is to keep practicing, finding your own footing and employing these tips:

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Acting is the ability to become another person. Basically, actors change skins to depict a story. Performances are part of real life and yet not. While we are showing a story that could (or has) happened, we must also take into consideration aspects that most people would overlook.

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One of them is lighting. Our directors and stage managers normally arrange our positions (or “blocking”) so that our characters are presented with maximum effect. But actors also have to know their own angles. For example, if your character is the antagonist, your stage person must be highlighted in sharp relief. If a certain angle makes your cheekbones more defined, comport yourself accordingly. Follow your director’s instructions while angling your face to show off your assets. This is done through trial and error, and sometimes it’s best to seek the help of a friend (or even your stage manager!).

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Another tip for actors is to take care of their voices. Most thespians forget that this is one of their most important assets. An actor’s voice can inspire millions or, if left unmanaged, send pain to the audience’s ears. Learn how to modulate your voice and try experimenting with accents. Since most of us do not know how we actually sound like, the best technique I found for voice acting is to record myself and listen to the tapes. From there I have found what works for me, and what I have to work on.

Louis P. Habash is a musical theater actor both by profession and passion. Visit this Facebook page to get a glimpse of life in musical theater.


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