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Get educated: Best acting schools in the US

January 23, 2015

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A lot of people wanting to go into show business have taken acting very seriously. One way to gain experience other than attending auditions and enrolling in workshops is to get a degree in acting. There are plenty of schools offering good drama programs and conservatories specializing in particular acting skills and techniques. These are some of the top schools you should look into if you really have the passion for drama:

Yale School of Drama

Lupita Nyong’o’s recent success in the Academy Awards is an obvious indication of the competency and brilliance of Yale’s drama program. Many of Yale’s acting graduates have also easily gotten agents after graduation. The school’s reputation and excellent training grounds will surely help you on your way to your dream of becoming a great actor.

The Julliard School

As one of the world’s most highly regarded schools for the arts, Julliard is a fine choice if you want to start a career in drama. It’s competitive and hard to get into because of their strict requirements. But once you get in, you know you’ll get proper training and guidance from the best of the best. Be prepared for high stress and high expectations.

American Conservatory Theater (ACT)

The San Francisco theater offers a highly competitive drama program. It only accepts a dozen graduates per year. It’s also unusual because you don’t even need to have a degree to apply. They also have training options for younger individuals and a summer program. Popular alumni include Nicolas Cage and Darren Criss.

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There are many other top schools and degree programs providing training for budding actors and actresses. You just have to find one that’s suited to your skills and preferences.

I’m Louis P. Habash and I’ve been acting in theater for over two decades. Subscribe to my blog to understand the art of acting and living in show business.


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