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Two Hats in Hollywood

February 13, 2015

They say making it onto the big screen is a dream that so many people want that the competition sends a lot of people packing things up and heading in the opposite direction of the glamorous Hollywood hills. There are countless actors trying to make a name for themselves in the moviemaking business, and yet massive shifts have taken place in the industry where aspiring actors, directors, screenwriters, and other film buffs are no longer subjected to just Los Angeles and the outlying tentacles of show business that surround it.

Independent cinema and DIY antics have made moviemaking something just about anyone can do with the right ideas and enough diligence to make their own unique mark on the landscape. Louis A. Habash, an actor and film critic based out of San Francisco, has combined his love for visual artistry into parallels examining life behind and in front of the camera, and getting this unique perspective can possibly explain a lot about where the industry is headed and what we, as viewers, are likely to see.


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Arguably everyone loves a good movie, and over the last couple of decades we have seen household names take on new responsibilities, some we could never have possible imagined. Ron Howard, for instance, went from Opie Taylor on “The Andy Griffith Show” to an Academy Award-winning Director that has completely redefined moviemaking in new and exhilarating ways. Clint Eastwood, who became one of the most iconic figures of the spaghetti western and would go on to play other legendary roles like Dirty Harry, is now widely-regarded as another steadfast pioneer in the Director’s chair, making such acclaimed films as “Unforgiven,” “Bird,” “Mystic River,” and “American Sniper.”

Louis P. Habash, unlike most of us, is one of those individuals who can take his experience behind-the-scenes to give us an in-depth look at what such transitions mean within the industry, and how they have shaped the way filmmaking is being done today, and where it could likely go in the upcoming future. As many would point out, independent is quickly becoming one of the staple components to eye-catching movies these days, and as long as untethered scripts continue to fall into the laps of adventurous, unwavering directors and producers, then we are going to be on a whirlwind of a ride during our visits to theatre over the next few years.

To learn more about Louis A. Habash and his take on where filmmaking is potentially headed next, or for a sneak-peek at films he sees as paving new ground in the industry, visit his website for recommendations, insight, and information on the business. It never hurts to have someone on the inside, and with backstage access like this, we may finally get the whole picture.


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