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Living the part: Secrets to getting in character

May 7, 2015

An actor’s job is to bring life his or her characters in a story or script. A great actor is can get into character and make people believe that he’s not an actor but the character himself. Although it is a difficult, here are some tips on living the part:

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Read and understand the whole script

The script will tell you more about the characters than any other resource material. Learn how your character reacts to the others by reading the scenes and interpreting a personality, which forms the basis of the depiction.

Become the character

Once you understand the character’s personality, you can comprehend why the character reacts the way he does. Your reactions will appear more natural if you have a good understanding of your character.

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Feel the emotions of the character

If you don’t have the same experiences as the character, you can take their emotions and think back to when you felt the same way. The memory doesn’t have to be the same but if the feeling is similar, you can use that as a foundation for how you act.

It takes more than just memorizing lines to become a good actor; you have to pour your heart and soul into your role to convince your audience. But, if you manage that, then you’re well on your way to becoming a great star.

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I’m Louis P. Habash and I’ve been a theater actor for more than 20 years. If you enjoyed my blog, you should also visit my Google+ page for more discussions on acting and other tips from the stage.


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