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Method acting and Anne Hathaway’s hair

November 22, 2012

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You know an actor’s good if you, as an audience, can feel that he’s really into the role. While watching, you get this peculiar sensation that you’re not seeing the same person anymore; that you’re being transported into an alternate universe where the actor is but a mere tool employed by the powerful and overwhelming existence of the portrayal per se.

If the acting seems to have taken a life of its own, then there is a great chance that the actor is using a style known as “method acting.”

Method acting refers to a family of techniques employed by actors to emanate among themselves the emotions of their characters so as to deliver lifelike performances. Method actors have been noted for deeply immersing themselves in their characters; sometimes to an extreme degree where they continue to portray their characters even off-stage.


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In conforming to this style, actors have locked themselves in morgues, lost unnatural amount of weight in record time, and sacrificed their crowning glories. One of the latest examples of this is Anne Hathaway’s switch to a dicey diet regimen in preparation for her role as Fantine in the upcoming musical film Les Miserables. She has reportedly shed some 25 pounds by strictly observing an oatmeal paste diet. She even chopped off her precious brunette locks for the role.

This greatly stoked my interest for Tom Hooper’s silver screen adaptation of the hit Broadway musical. While I admit that Hathaway’s singing may leave much to be desired, her give-all acting performance may just give the film the much-needed boost to bolster its showing come awards night.


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